Would Aliens Be Subject to Original Sin

A religious take on an interesting question

There was an interesting discussion on RT America recently. For those who do not know, RT is the Russian version of VOA. RT America, broadcasting out of Washington, DC, offers news and views by Americans to the United States audience and beyond but the network is funded by the Russian government. Many organs of the American media despise it.

The hosts on the program are all Americans and many are journalists who left US legacy press such as Rick Sanchez (former CNN and other networks), Chris Hedges (former New York Times), Lee Camp, (former writer for the Daily Show) and Scottie Nell Hughes (Formerly of CNN)

Recently, on the program In Question, host Manilla Chan spoke with legal and media analyst Lionel about these strange sightings by military personnel that cannot be explained. What used to be called UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects and now Called UAPs Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

Lionel brought up an interesting take. What if, as he explains Vatican Researchers raised, these things are actually manned by a race that has no original sin? This would mean, I assume, they would be incapable of dishonesty or deception. What a fascinating encounter we would have.

The source of our problems

Our current problems in our world are based on the understanding that we can create a perfect world. It is the false belief that we are able to build a society that can correct every wrong and fix any problems currently endemic to humanity: corruption, racism, economic disparity.

Despite trying for thousands of years of human existence as Homo Sapiens no society succeeded. Often the solution includes creating a world where certain people are removed. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in 1897: My dear Miss Flora, you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs,’ Today the sentence ascribed either correctly or not to many says some must be eliminated to create a perfect world.

Sisyphean dilemma

Many of the world’s genocidal dictators believed that to create utopia you had to engage in evil because the ends justify the means.

The current problems in our world demonstrate it even further.

We are like Sisyphus rolling a boulder up a hill only for it to fall again ad infinitum. We try and try again to build the perfect society, to come up with the perfect solution and each time we fail over and over again. No matter how much we try, it just does not work.

Communism created GULAGS, National Socialism committed genocide, capitalism created chattel slavery. The United States houses the most prisoners in the world. Not prisoners per capita, prisoners period. This means we have more prisoners than China does despite that country has a far larger population. No matter what system we can create it all fails to guarantee peace and prosperity.

This is why Lionel’s input brings up something to consider. What if we were visited by alien beings who had no original sin, who were not inclined to selfishness, corruption, hatred? What would they teach us? Or could they teach us anything?

I actually do not believe we are visited by aliens and I think UAPs will be revealed to be something terrestrial. But we can reflect on this anyway.

Betty and Barney Hill and the Teachings of Jesus

I am a Catholic follower of Jesus Christ and one of the first news stories I ever reported was a talk by Betty Hill when I was a student at the University of Massachusetts/Boston. She, with her husband, claimed to have been abducted by aliens and examined physically over a four-hour time period near Durham, NH. Those two facts would seem unrelated.

We believe Jesus was not subject to original sin and he taught the only way to create a perfect society is not to base everything on economic issues but on love of God and neighbor. How to live that love has to be learned on a personal and communal level plumbing the depths of divine wisdom through the pursuit of divine truth.

He also taught that we would be held accountable for our actions in relation to those two commandments. We also understand that he lived those commandments perfectly even under the severe duress of his crucifixion.

Betty Hill claimed that as proof of her visit, one of the aliens gave her a book to show the world but another of the visitors said no and took the book away from her before they sent the couple off the space vehicle.

I always wondered what would happen if she in fact did bring the book from her alleged abductors. I am sure there would be repeated discussions over what it said, whether her testimony could be believed. There would be studies about whether the book was actually produced on Earth, whether it was a fake, whether Betty Hill was a fraud and all the usual issues. God help us if the book was entitled “To Serve Man”.

At the same time, Jesus summed up the formula for building a utopia by basing everything on love of God and of neighbor as well as do unto others as you would have them do unto you. He also defined those who are saved not as much as by behavior alone but by relationship that inspires behavior. Often Jesus illustrates condemnation in his parables by “I never knew you” or “You never knew me.”

Over the centuries, discussions arose over and over again of what these love commandments mean and how to interpret and implement them.

If there really were aliens, if they were not subject to original sin and they told us the secret to peace, would we listen to them?

We look for the perfect solution to our problems. We seek economic solutions such as capitalism, socialism and communism. Now we seek scientific solutions such as “follow the science” and seek the technology.

Corruption is a constant

Once corruption enters the scenario, economic and/or scientific formulas do not work and technology fails.

In the latest issue focusing on the Wuhan Lab, questions were raised to Dr. Anthony Fauci about how honest the scientists are at the lab and are they immune to influence by the Chinese communist party. That is not a Chinese issue or a communist issue but a human issue. There is an old saying that everyone has his/her price; no one is incorruptible. It is the epitome of fallen human nature.

Science, economy, government, even religion cannot create a perfect world. Our world needs to be redeemed and it can only be made better by those who testify to whom we truly are as fallen human beings and by listening to and acting on the words of Christ Himself.

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