From Reddit: Is It Time to Give Up? Hardly!

A Response to someone with Catholic Trepidation

A Reddit user in the Catholicism forum express his concern about his future as a Catholic. Here are his words (italic) and my response:

Being a young Catholic sometimes frightens me—NoaLedor

As Atheism becomes the norm of American society and churches of all faiths and denominations slowly start to empty, I am concerned for Catholics of my age group (teenagers and people in their early twenties.) I fear that by the time we reach old age, we will have inherited the Catholic Church as a dying institution, as Church attendance drops, fewer people take holy orders and join convents, and religious practitioners of my generation are viewed as anachronistic relics of former times, what will be left for me I ask?

In the words of our Lord—"oh Ye of little faith." Jesus Christ founded this Church (even Alexa acknowledges this) and said that she will prevail. We as Catholics have suffered much over the past twenty years here in the United States. Over that time, I told my parishioners that God was preparing us for a difficult time and now we are in this difficult time. I also explained to my parishioners that those who left would not have been able to persevere when things got tough. Those who remained have the strength to continue as faithful servants called to be the light of the world and the salt of the Earth. Also to invite those who left back.

Pope Benedict XVI prior to his elevation to Pope said that he saw the church would become smaller and stronger.

Cardinal Raymond Burke suggested we may be in the final struggle of the Church as cited in the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 675

I always like to explain to people that my own experience taught me that God shows up when it is bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded and we are three runs behind.

Finally, go read the 7th chapter of Judges and see how the Lord sorts out people to do his work. Interestingly enough, Patton used a similar tactic to what you see there to help defeat the NAZI's in battle. Although his army was not small, it was worse, it was inflatable and it worked.

So have faith. The Lord is doing powerful things and trust in Him.